Life isn't a matter of milestones, but of moments.

- Rose Kennedy

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Eating and Partying

Well, Lainy has now tried carrots and green beans. She loves carrots and cries for more. She loves to get messy and wants to take the bowl and do it herself. This weekend, we stayed with Aunt Jenny and Uncle Chris for Holly and Taylor's wedding. This was Lainy's second wedding, she has become a pro at it. She got dressed up in her best pink dress and was ready to go. She was the best little thing and didn't fuss the whole time even through the outdoor sunny ceremony. She listened to the music, watched all the people and had fun spending time with family. She put her jammies on at the end and danced until she wanted to crash for the night.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Lainy tried peas for dinner today. It started out well and she tolerated it but ended with, get this out of my face and give me my milk. She still isn't so keen on the solids but maybe she'll acquire the taste eventually.

Monday, June 16, 2008

First Father's Day

This was Eric's first father's day and we tried to make it special for him. Lainy gave him a special gift made from the heart of a picture of them with a poem on top. His other gift did not make it in time and still isn't here yet. We fixed him breakfast then headed to Lowe's to get a couple things. We were going to change the fixtures in the guest bathroom and after hours of work Eric figured out they wouldn't work and had to take them back. We did put up a new showerhead in our bathroom and new lights, so all was not lost. Here is a picture of Eric and Lainy to remember the first father's day.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lifelong Friends

This picture was taken about a month ago, May 13th but I wanted to share it. Katherine came in to visit from Minnesota. Lainy and I were fortunate enough to get to see her and also spend some time with Tonja/Alex and Julie/Rain. We have all been friends since high school and some of us longer. We always try to find time to get together and know we are there if we need one another. It's fun for some of us to be parents together and for Lainy to have so many special "aunts."

Saturday, June 7, 2008

First Time with Solids and a Fun Afternoon at the Pool

Lainy had her first experience with solid foods this morning. She tried rice cereal and didn't think much of it. Not sure how much she actually got down but she was a trooper and did well with the spoon. Even though her legs are still sore from yesterday she smiled throughout the feeding. We then went to the pool in the afternoon and had a fun, relaxing time. Lainy loved it and let me float her on her back in the big pool and almost fell asleep! She's gonna be a waterbaby.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Shot Day, Oh No!

Well, today was shot day. I hate it and make Eric go with me so he can be the mean one to hold Lainy's legs down because I can not bring myself to do it. I sit in the chair in the corner like a coward and want to be the one to comfort her when she is upset. She did okay after the shots were over and quickly went to sleep after we pulled out of the parking lot. She was 12lb 6 oz and 24 3/4 inches long - she has moved up to the 75% in height, looks like she will be taller than her mom. Everything looked good and we go back in two months to do it all over again...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Four Months Old!

Lainy is four months old today and had a big day! First we took some four month pictures to remember the day then Aunt Rikki helped us out by watching Ms. Lainy and she says she was an angel for her. We then went to the pool for a little while. Lainy's first pool trip! It began raining, so Lainy took a little nap and then we headed home. Fun was had by all.....

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Big Trip

Lainy and I went to Northern Virginia this weekend to introduce Lainy to some of my good friends. Lainy slept most of the way up or talked to her toys. On the way back she slept the whole way, about three hours and than promptly woke up when we pulled into the driveway to greet Daddy. I first made stops at the Rappahannock and Fauquier Health Departments to show her off to those that gave us such support when we were trying to get her here. She had a ball meeting everyone and getting loved on by all her "aunts". We then went Saturday morning to see the Yergey family. It was great seeing them, I had not seen them since we moved away and the "little" ones Georgie and Alden are getting so big! Aldie shared her dolls with Lainy and read her a book while we were there. Shelley, Brian, Logan, Nathan and new addition, Little Leah, were gracious enough to let us crash with them and feed us for a couple nights. We had the best time - Lainy laughed and smiled especially at Logan and Nathan. Nathan let Lainy borrow his monkey while we were there so she wouldn't be sad. As you can see, Logan was a big help feeding Lainy and also helped give her a bath one night. We really had a good time but wish it was easier to visit more often. I also wish I had taken more pictures but was so excited in the moment to see everyone that I forgot!