Life isn't a matter of milestones, but of moments.

- Rose Kennedy

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Jump Around

What Day Is It? Game Day!!

Lainy had her first game day experience and was really into the games.
At times she couldn't watch!

She bit her nails at the excitement!

Then she just got mad!

Lainy and dad got ready for the next game.

Go Eers!

Lainy is also trying out a new hairstyle. What do you think?

Friday, August 29, 2008

Lainy's Week......

Lainy is finally over her cold and doing better. Her eczema really flared up on Monday and she had to go to the Dr. for medicine for it. It's much better now, that stuff really works fast. She was suppose to start with her new sitter on Monday but with her cold and eczema I took off to take her to the Dr. She did go on Wednesday and did fine. I didn't. I know she is going to do fine and be taken care of but it's still hard. She set off with her blanket and her Rae-Rae Rabbit. She then said Ma-Ma on Wednesday night! She said it twice when I walked into the kitchen and then came back around the corner to get her! So that made it all better. Eric got to come home on Wednesday night due to all the rain and brought Lainy a new hat to sport! She is geared up for her first VT and WV game this weekend and will probably have to do a wardrobe change for each game to get into the team spirit!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Let's Play Catch Up

Let's see, Lainy is changing and doing new things all the time. She is now waving bye-bye. She first did it at the Dr. at her appointment and I thought it was a fluke but has done it several more times since the 8th. She is going to sleep on her own! She would here and there but since the weekend she has been going to sleep by herself as long as you put her in there when she is first tired with her pa-pa and her blanket next to her face. She is definitely teething - chewing and drooling over everything but nothing there yet. She is scooting backward, in circles and you wonder how she got from A to B when you turn your head, so I don't give her much longer and she'll be crawling. I think she is getting her first cold. She has been sneezing with a runny nose all day. When I gave her a bath tonight I kept the shower on to let the steam help her. We were both red cheeked and sweating when we got out of there. Eric is still out of town during the week and home on the weekend. We dread Monday mornings when he leaves but are excited to see him on Friday afternoons. That'll all for now.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Groovy Chic

Lainy is a groovy girl, a true Aquarius! I loved this picture and wanted to share it!
About the Aquarius Child: A Different Drummer"Marching to the beat of his own drummer" describes your Aquarius child to a T. This little one is offbeat to the core and will surprise you repeatedly with his inventiveness and originality. Aquarius children are quite social and tend to have lots of friends, and the more widely diverse their play buddies' backgrounds and cultures, the better. Aquarius children are attracted to diversity and new experiences. Your little Aquarius might like unusual foods that other kids won't even try -- think hot peppers, strong cheeses, raw oysters, and the like -- or he might spend hours in his room, inventing something technical, functional, and all-around incredible.Pursuing their own freedom and individuality is among their primary needs, so as the parent of an Aquarius child, you should give him plenty of space and autonomy. If they aren't allowed to express themselves as they see fit, Aquarius children can become rebellious or, alternatively, stubborn and quietly depressed. Let your child dress himself as early as he can, and give him plenty of books, art supplies, and other tools to foster his unique creativity. Aquarius children tend to be quite intelligent. They're naturally progressive in their thinking and their perspective on the world, so they might become excellent problem solvers. Your Aquarius child may surprise you with his interests and life choices, but if you can stay open to the ways his mind works, you're likely to find he's a genius in his own right. These children just need time to find the best way of expressing their brilliance.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Shots and Sitting Up

Lainy went to the Dr. on Friday for her 6 month checkup - she was 14 lb. 9 oz/25 1/2 inches. She is doing great and back in three months for her 9 month checkup and flu shot. She was a show off at her appointment sitting up like a champ - as if she never falls over or sways then waving to the Dr. when she was leaving the room. She is chatty, chatty and now likes to "fake cough" to get your attention then laughs like it's the funniest thing ever. Lainy and I have been keeping each other company as Eric is working out of town for the next several weeks and home on the weekends. Our first week alone was hard with the Doctor appointment and then I came down with an allergic reaction to something. I broke out into hives and had to be put on steriods for several days. Mom helped out with Lainy so I could get some sleep, the medicine kept me up several nights. Hopefully this upcoming week will be better for us.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Adventures of the Traveling Baby

I'm not sure where to begin!? We left on Thursday, 31st for vacation but before we left Lainy wondered, where are we going?

We left early Thursday morning for Morgantown and made our first stop at the bookstore so Lainy and Eric could get some WVU outfits. Lainy got a cheerleading uniform, against my better judgment, ha ha. We then went to visit my old coworkers when we lived in Morgantown who we had not seen for 8 years! It was great to see them and introduce them to Lainy. We then headed on up the interstate to check into the hotel, where Lainy made herself at home on the bed for a small pit stop and off to Cabela's we went for a three hour tour...Eric was in heaven and Lainy liked looking at all the animals. She ended up with a stuffed deer of her own by the end which she held onto along with her blanket and Rae rabbit the rest of the trip. Lainy slept great and was worn out from all the traveling.

Friday, the 1st - Eric and I shared cards for our 10 year anniversary, it's hard to believe it's been 10 years. Then we all got ready and headed to Pittsburgh to the Zoo and Aquarium. We were there for hours and Lainy loved looking at the animals. The zoo was great and we had a awesome time. She ate and slept when she needed to and was along for the ride. We then checked into our hotel and tried to decide what to do for the evening. We ended up going to an outdoor shopping area and had a nice dinner at the Cheesecake Factory listening to music and watching kids play in the water. We then strolled around down town and Lainy put her toes in the local fountain for good luck. Again Lainy slept great and was out for the night.

Saturday - Next day we headed to Deep Creek Maryland and went to the Lake and the little craft/antique shops in the area. Lainy loved the lake water and was excited to put her feet in. It was so much fun and nice to wonder and look around at things. Lainy fell asleep while we were looking in the shops. That night Lainy took to the mirror behind the bed and couldn't stop looking at the baby in the mirror, so much she didn't want to go to sleep until we made her.

Sunday - Lainy slept in and we were running late but still took pictures that morning for her 6 month birthday!! We again we were on the road and went to visit friends - the Hensleys. We hung out by the pool and cooked out. Lainy loved interacting with the kids and refused to nap because there was so much going on.

Monday - we headed home. But first did some more visiting with our coworkers when we lived in Warrenton - we miss everyone so much and remember that when we have the chance to see them. Our window would not roll up on the way home, so we had to stop in Blackburg at the Jeep dealership where the part has to be ordered and I am back there in the morning to get it fixed.

Weehee....I wanted to get this down as soon as I could so I could remember everything. We took tons of pictures, it was hard to pick the ones to post. To sum it up we had a great time - 10 years married and 6 months old - time is flying by.....